a plus ocean tattoo removalA+Ocean is the first hypertonic sterile saline solution on the Market intended to remove tattoos. A+ OCEAN uses the finest sea salt available in the world and then it refines the salt through a filtering process that makes it as pure as can possible.

It is Carcinogen free.

Sea salt is less expensive and much gentler on the skin and is less traumatic than Laser to remove tattoos. Colour of tattoo pigment and type of pigment may require several different types of lasers for removal.

A+Ocean Sea salt doesn’t recognize the pigment colour so it is highly successful in the removal of the tattoo.

A+Ocean heals naturally and creates a superficial controlled scab.  The natural healing process lightens and or removes the pigment when the scab falls off.

How does it work?

By introducing a high concentration of sea salt water into the Dermis of the skin where the pigment resides The water in the cells beneath the pigment and surrounding the pigment will create osmotic pressure. With this process the pigment is forced from the Dermal layer upward to the Epidermal layer by osmotic pressure into the scab that is formed to then heal and fall off.

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