What is Lip Pigmentation?

Cosmetic Lip Tattooing takes the pain out of applying lip liner and lipstick again and again throughout the day.

Lip pigmentation is the perfect way to transform and enhance thin or uneven lips, for lips that have lost shape and fullness with age, restoring volume and creating a perfect shape. Cosmetic lip colour is perfect if you have lost colour due to cold sore’s or age, maybe a scar or accident or it can also be used to correct imperfections.

A tint is selected from a huge range of fabulous shades, to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favourite cosmetic lip colour. Today many clients prefer not to have a lip liner but a smoother, symmetrical shaped mouth with the colour blushed in to avoid harsh dated lines.

Most woman can benefit from semi permanent lip make up as the treatment will give you fuller lips and help to restore a youthful definition to a fading lip. If you are young and adventurous you may choose a bold colour, although most clients prefer to use natural colour that is perfect for everyday but can be built upon if need be.

Every one takes to cosmetic tattooing of the lips differently.

Tattooing lips uses the implanting of colour into a muscle so it is different from the skin tattooing. People who weep and bleed a lot will not hold onto the color as well. Some people may require more sessions to get coverage but it all depends on your lips.

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The Benefits

Lip colour all day long that won’t wear off. No more uneven lips. Bring back the colour the age has taken away. or maybe the shade is just wrong and doesn’t suit your complexion. Just use gloss and out the door you go.

The Procedure

There are 3 stages for cosmetic lip design and we will discuss each during the consultation. The 3 stages include:

  • How you would like your lips to look
  • Whether you have imperfections that need hiding
  • What colour and shape is achievable.

The price you are quoted will include all stages.

See price information below or on our price list page.

After the initial consultation you will have numbing cream applied for approximately 30 min. Using specialist medical grade facial tattooing needles the pigment is applied to the lip area.

The pigment is then applied to the lip area using a digital cosmetic tattooing machine. You should not feel any discomfort however Amanda will be asking during the treatment if at any stage you are uncomfortable and more numbing solution will be applied to the required area.

Lips are sensitive so some feel it a little more than others but Amanda will always try and keep ahead of the any pain.

You are usually booked in for 2 -2.5 hrs max – but it varies from person to person depending on your individual requirements. After the treatment your will be a little swollen and sensitive.

Please note needles are always disposed of after each client.


The same amount of time is booked at approx 8 weeks later so the colour has had time to develop. Some may need another treatment again 8 weeks later [charged accordingly]

Before and After

View our gallery of before and after pictures for examples of our lip liner and lip colour. For more examples of Amanda’s work snd style please view her gallery for a comprehensive view of her portfolio.

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  • People with enhanced lip augmentation from injections the result is not as good as without. The colour will be lighter and harder to hold onto.
  • If you have ever had a cold sore please tell Amanda as you will need to go to the chemist for some cold Sore treatment.
  • Smoking is not recommended as you will bleed more and not hold the colour.
  • Anyone wanting a tattooing procedure that is taking blood thinners needs to tell Amanda this information, as you will have to consult your doctor.
  • If taking fish oils please stop them 2 weeks before as they thin the blood .

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I have the exact colour of my lipstick?
The colour will be chosen to try and match but pigment goes under the lip tissue and there is natural colour in the lips already so we have to take that into account. The colour is being implanted under the skin and lipstick is worn on top so it wont be exact. With the consultation we can discuss this.
2How Long Will It Last?
Semi permanent lipstick can last approx 12 mths to 3 yrs. Everyone holds onto colour differently. Your metabolism will depend on that and age and medications come into it also. Lots of Sun will fade the colour Smoking will fade the colour much faster
3Can you tattoo out side the lip line and make them look bigger?
You can only go onto the border and make slight corrections as when you start to tattoo on the surrounding skin [not lip tissue] it will give you a clown like look.
4Does It Look The Same As Lip Stick?
Lip tattooing is not as opaque as lipstick. It will correct imperfection yes mostly. Improve colouryes. You can always add lip stick if you want to change the colour.