What is Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing?

Semi permanent eyebrow tattooing simulates hair strokes using a technique called microblading. Otherwised called eyebrow feathering or 3d hair strokes it is one of the most natural eyebrow treatment you can have.

Amanda McGregor is a qualified Clinical Micro Pigmentation Consultant with over 10+ years specialising in cosmetic tattooing. Using the techniques mentioned above Amanda will draw individual hair strokes into the skin, making them look realistic amongst your natural hairs.

Whether your brows have been over-plucked, thin due to age or illness or you want that dream look Amanda will consult with you on exactly what can be achieved. Great eyebrows give an age defying effect, which is great for clients who feel they need a youthful natural ‘lift’. Permanent makeup brows look perfect every minute of everyday.

You don’t need to have your sparse or sad brows anymore. Your eyebrows won’t smudge off anymore. Over plucked eyebrows went out in the 70s or are they thin from medication or it maybe a thyroid imbalance.

You might be suffering from hair loss from chemo or have alopecia. You may wear glasses and cant stand having uneven eyebrows any more, well this treatment would suit you perfectly.

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The Procedure

There are 3 stages for eyebrow design. During the consultation we discuss:

  • How you would like your eyebrows to look
  • Thickness & Colour
  • What is achievable.

The price you are quoted will include all stages.

See price information below or on our price list page.

After the initial consultation you will have numbing cream applied for approximately 30 min. Using specialist medical grade facial tattooing needles the pigment is applied to the eyebrow area.

You should not feel any discomfort however Amanda will be asking during the treatment if at any stage you are uncomfortable and more numbing solution will be applied to the required area.

You are usually booked in for 2 hrs max – but it varies from person to person depending on your individual requirements. After the treatment your eyebrows might feel a little swollen and sensitive.

Please note that needles are once off and are always disposed of after each client.


A second appointment is needed 4-6 weeks after. This is usually a slightly quicker appointment to add more pigment to the eyebrow area. Maybe darken them when the area is healing, some parts may not ‘hold’ as well as others. This is completely normal as everyone heals differently and will be corrected in at the touchup.

Before and After

View our gallery of before and after pictures for examples of our eyebrow feathering & cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. For more examples of Amanda’s work snd style please view her gallery for a comprehensive view of her portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Should I come with a clean face?
If you wear makeup in that’s fine as we are working on the brow area only.
2Doesn’t it hurt?
You will have numbing cream applied for approx 30 min, and during the procedure as well, so most of the time you will not feel much at all.
3How sore are they after the treatment?
They will be a little tender first day and a little and sometimes the next day. Most people don’t take time off work the next day.