Permanent Makeup Treatments


Microblading hair strokes or 3D hair strokes is the natural eyebrow treatment you can have. Amanda will draw individual hair stroke like hairs into the skin, making them look like  simulated hair strokes amongst your natural hairs.

Whether your brows have been over-plucked, or are thin due to age or illness you would want to improve them then in turn your brows will look more youthful.

Great eyebrows give an age defying effect which is great for clients who feel they need a youthful natural ‘lift. Permanent makeup brows look perfect every minute of everyday.

You don’t need to have your sparse or sad eyebrows anymore. Your eyebrows won’t smudge off anymore.

Over plucked eyebrows went out in the 70s or are they thin from medication or medication or it maybe a thyroid imbalance.

You might be Suffering from hair loss from chemo or have alopecia. Or you may wear glasses and stand having uneven eyebrows any more.

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More defined eyes make a huge  difference to your face. Making you feel like your features are standing out more, so getting the look with  permanent makeup is the solution to never being under done or over done.

Permanent eye make up is a perfect solution for giving you the look that you love all day and all  night.

You might have loss of lashes due to illness, or have droopy eyelids or maybe wear glasses and cant maneuver the eyeliner around your glasses. Eyeliner will enhance your eyes to look more defined and blooking bright most of the time, even on those days you haven’t had much sleep.
Sick of getting it wrong and if you do get it right its smudged off with in a few hrs.
Having your eyeliner permanently on will not only give you back 10 min everyday but more youthful eyes bright eyes that you longed for.

You will be rub proof , smudge proof , cry proof. There is a range of colours to choose from, from dramatic dark or soft for more natural– from having it thick to thin and just enhancing your eyes with some liner strategically placed in between your lashes.

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Permanent colour makeup for  the lips is ideal for women wanting more defined lips, fuller lips or a more perfect pout. Cosmetic Lip Tattooing takes the pain out of applying lip liner and lipstick again and again throughout the day.

Apart from enhancing the and shape and fullness of your mouth, it can also be used to correct imperfections – perfect if you have lost colour due to cold sore’s or age, maybe a scar or accident.

Tired of applying lipstick and liner all day every day and have it come off form eating or drinking again. Its not like the old days where woman had a line tattooed around you now can have a line and blend or a full lip colour.
You may have loss of colour and pigmentation from age or sun exposure. Lip colour pigmentation is the solution for uneven lips. Look youthful again, enhance the lips, put the colour back what the yrs have taken away.
You can have them transformed to looking more youthful with a hint of colour or be more bold and and chose a brighter colour.
Your lip colour won’t disappear whilst drinking, eating, or swimming or participating in any sport or activity any more.

Please advise Amanda if you are a smoker or prone to cold sores or have ever had a cold sore

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Areola & Nipple

People often enquire about re-enhancement or complete colour reconstruction of their nipples and areolas. We can help restore what surgery took away or enhance the areola from fading due to age.

We understand that after invasive surgery, often the last thing you want to consider or think about is more reconstructive work on that area. It is likely your surgeon has made a nipple for you at the time of your breast reconstruction.

Approximately six to eight weeks post surgery or when fully healed, you do have the option of areola micro-pigmentation, with natural colours especially formulated for this work. Many patients often choose the 3D tattooing, as it’s so natural.

Paramedical – Procedure After Care

The procedure is usually painless with little or no nerve endings in the breast area after your reconstruction. We have anesthetics on hand to keep the breast tissue numb throughout this procedure.

Micro-pigmentation with the consultation and nipples and areolas can be designed and tattooed in approx two hours.

You are given the best hygienic care and advice and a take bag with everything you need in it.

After care is minimal. Your areola area will be covered with a gauze swab, and you will be asked to keep the area moisturized with Bepantham [in the take home pack] to help the healing process. Following your tattooing procedure over a few days you will notice subtle changes. Little more needs to be done! The tattooed area will always looks darker and fresher immediately following the session, it takes on a more natural hue over the next week or so. Perfecting the work with a second session follows when the area is totally healed and you will already have this booked in approx 4- 6 weeks later.

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Tattoo Removal

A+Ocean is the first hypertonic sterile saline solution on the Market intended to remove tattoos. A+ OCEAN uses the finest sea salt available in the world and then it refines the salt through a filtering process that makes it as pure as can possible.

It is Carcinogen free. Sea salt is less expensive and much gentler on the skin and is less traumatic than Laser to remove tattoos. Colour of tattoo pigment and type of pigment may require several different types of lasers for removal. A+Ocean Sea salt doesn’t recognize the pigment colour so it is highly successful in the removal of the tattoo. A+Ocean heals naturally and creates a superficial controlled scab. The natural healing process lightens and or removes the pigment when the scab falls off. How does it work? By introducing a high concentration of sea salt water into the Dermis of the skin where the pigment resides The water in the cells beneath the pigment and surrounding the pigment will create osmotic pressure. With this process the pigment is forced from the Dermal layer upward to the Epidermal layer by osmotic pressure into the scab that is formed to then heal and fall off.

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