Permanent Makeup Information

Permanent makeup / Cosmetic tattooing could last for several years. Cosmetic tattooing is different from a body tattoo and cosmetic tattooing is never permanent due to the pure pigments that are used.

Amanda McGregor recommends a colour top up approximately 6 to 18 months to maintain your new look.  By keeping your permanent makeup topped up it will always look fresh and not tired. Without this your semi regular treatments the colour will gradually fade away over time,  Whilst it is ‘low maintenance’ it is not ‘no maintenance’. Rather like hair colour it will need refreshing but far less often. You will always spend more on hair / botox or fillers than permanent makeup. And quite frankly you can get away with the hair cut if you have a Great Brow.
The great benefits of cosmetic tattooing / permanent make up include:

  • Thicken naturally thin or thinning brows.
  • Permanent eyeliner that won’t rub off.
  • Fill in lashes and eyebrows from alopecia or chemotherapy.
  • Perfect if suffer from visual impairment and can’t see without your glasses, no more poking yourself in the eye.
  • Perfect for uneven lips, colour faded lips form age, scared lips from cold sores
  • Permanent makeup is water proof so it survives a swim, cant rub it off and your eyeliner wont run down your face during a bit of a cry.
  • Wake up with your youthful eye brows on, your lips looking luscious and your eyes not looking tired.

It is usually a 3-step process.

  1. Consultation to decide on shape colour etc of your permanent makeup
  2. Colour Implanting, approx 2 hrs. Amanda will take some photos and apply some for numbing cream and you will be asked to fill out a medical from while the skin numbs up a for a while.
  3. Follow up visit – your touchup is your perfection visit which is approx 4-6 weeks after healing and fading.

Implanting of colour is always is darker especially on the lips at first.
Sometimes a second touch up is required
[and priced accordingly] as colour could fade up a lot more due to health, skin etc – see F.A.Q.
[this is not at all not very often though] Everyone has slightly different result and some clients are more resistant to pigment than others.

If you do not come for the touchup perfection visit and your colour needs touching up after 6 weeks a charge will be applied.

Cosmetic Tattooing  is low maintenance but not No maintenance.