Giving Back

giving-backAmanda wanted to give back in the community for some time so through a Community Bayside Hub on Facebook Amanda advertised that she wanted to help clients with illness or misfortune that could not afford to have their eyebrows tattooed.

Losing all you hair is a very hard road to travel and many may need help but can’t afford the treatment. Amanda offers tattooing, for clients that fit a certain criteria, by giving back to clients in need and at no cost to them. Restoring eyebrows and or eyeliner that they may have lost due to illness after having Chemotherapy treatment or Alopecia and restoring their confidence.

Amanda has had a wonderful response so far and a was overwhelmed by the numbers of ladies that contacted her in regards to helping them, some with hair loss from illness and some from age.

Amanda also provided support to a few single mums that just needed her help but couldn’t afford it as they had endured some degree of tragedy in their lives.

The wheels are in motion now and the first group of ladies have been booked and now all have beautiful eyebrows.  Over the next few months more and more will continue to be helped, as Amanda will continue this work for the community.

‘’I have so far had a wonderful experience meeting such lovely clients that I have been able to help and put a smile on their face’’ What is it all about if we cant help others along the way” – Amanda McGregor