Frequently Asked Questions

1How long will my Cosmetic tattooing last?
The longevity of your tattooing DEPENDS on multiple factors. Rule of thumb is approx 10 – 24 months, however some of the following factors must be taken into account. Semi-Permanent Makeup procedures can last for a short while or a couple years: [But at a couple of yrs they will have faded a lot] The length of time can depend on sun exposure- The density of colour that has been implanted into the skin. (The softer / lighter colours do not last as long as strong, darker colours) Not everyone holds colour the same / your skin type (paper thin/ thick) can affect the longevity. Large pores, oily skin, red veins. Some people weep and or bleed during the process so it’s harder to get colour to hold. (Some weep after the procedure so it’s like a tap behind the skin washing the colour out.)
2Will medication or ill health affect my result?
Smoking can have an affect on result and longevity.of the tattooing especially of the lips. Medications will have an effect. Anti-depressants and medication for anxiety affects the result over time. Any health issues can also affect the pigmentation and colour fade.
3Will facial treatments or creams affect the longevity of my tattooing?
Face creams with any active ingredients will fade the tattooing. For instance, if you put cream on your forehead and not on your eyebrows it still will travel under the skin and in time fade your eyebrows sooner and in some cases alter the colour.
4How can I be confidant in who I choose as a technician?
It can be a bit scary choosing someone to cosmetically tattoo your eyebrows. Ensure you read many reviews from actual tattoo clients. Take your time and do your research, view lots of “before” and “after” photos. Also, make sure the photos belong to the technician and that they have substantial experience, and don’t be fooled by magazines ads they are not actual reviews, they are mostly paid for.
5Do I have to constantly shave off my eyebrows afterwards?
You do not need to have your eyebrows shaved off at any point to create new ones-absolutely not, a few hairs here and there but not shaved off.
6How often will I need to get cosmetic tattooing re-done?
All cosmetic tattooing will require a touch up or total re do to maintain, it has no time limit- everyone is different. Amanda will discuss this with you at your initial consultation.
7Is cosmetic tattooing or Para medical solutions worth the cost?
If you calculate what you spend annually on hair and makeup (and time) most of my clients feel very justified in this semi-permanent solution that gets a great result and boosts your confidence. Remember, your eyebrows frame your face, your eyes are the windows to your soul and your smile is one of the first things people notice upon meeting you.
8 Is Para-medical tattoo different to other cosmetic semi-permanent tattooing?
Para-medical or semi-permanent areola and nipple technique is similar to cosmetic tattooing. We do use different procedures, needles and colour combinations. This specialized work will create a nipple and areola to get you back to feeling like you again.
9 How do I take care of my tattooing?
Amanda will supply you with all the reading material and cream that you need for the after care in a take home bag. Amanda will be able to put your mind at ease in actually how easy it is to take care of .
10Will it hurt?
The procedure is mostly pain free with numbing cream used before and during to try and keep you pain free. Most people feel a 2 out of 10 some more some less, everyone is individual.
11How long does the procedure take?
Micro-pigmentation time depends on the area – anywhere for 1.5 -3 hrs max depending on how much work is required .
12Hygiene/ safety
You are given the best hygienic care and advice. Disposable needles are always discarded of at the end of each treatment. And the health and safety certificate is always updated .